China Endemic Amphilbians and Reptiles Checklist


This list of reptile species found exclusively in China is based on the taxonomy used in Uetz, Freed & Hošek as of 14 November 2018. For further details on possible inaccuracies in the list see Sources & Caveats.
Uetz, P. & Jirí Hošek (eds.), The Reptile Database, htUetz, P. & Jirí Hošek (e
Uetz, P., Freed, P. & Hošek, J. (eds.) (2018), The Reptile Database,, accessed 14 November 2018.Reptile Database, ://,d Jan 8,,http
The current version of this database is at

Additional species described since the 14 November 2018 version of The Reptile Database are listed at the bottom of the page.

* = Mainland plus Taiwan ** = Taiwan only

143 endemic reptiles are indicated (by triangles) in the 2016 checklist at (ResearchGate)

Alligator sinensis (Crocodylia  - Alligatoridae) Chinese Alligator

Calotes medogensis (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Medog Bloodsucker

Diploderma batangensis (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae)

Diploderma brevicauda (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae)


Diploderma brevipes ** (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Short-legged Japalure

Diploderma dymondi (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Dymond's Japalure

Diploderma flaviceps (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Sichuan Japalure

Diploderma grahami (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Graham's Japalure

Diploderma iadinum (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Emerald Mountain Dragon

Diploderma laeviventre (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Smooth-venter Mountain Dragon

Diploderma luei ** (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Lue's Japalure

Diploderma makii ** (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Maki's Japalure

Diploderma micangshanensis (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Micangshan Japalure

Diploderma slowinskii (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae)

Diploderma splendidum (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Splendid Japalure

Diploderma swinhonis ** (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Taiwan Japalure

Diploderma varcoae (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Kunming Japalure

Diploderma vela (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Sail Mountain Lizard

Diploderma yulongense (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Yunnan Japalure

Diploderma zhaoermii (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Zhao's Japalure

Laudakia papenfussi (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Papenfuss’ Rock Agama

Laudakia sacra (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Anan's Rock Agama

Laudakia wui (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Wui’s Rock Agama

Phrynocephalus axillaris (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Yarkand Toadhead Agama

Phrynocephalus erythrurus (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae)

Phrynocephalus forsythii (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Forsyth' s Toadhead Agama

Phrynocephalus frontalis (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Shanxi Toadhead Agama

Phrynocephalus putjatai (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae)

Phrynocephalus roborowskii (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Roborowski's Toadhead Agama

Phrynocephalus vlangalii (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Qinghai Toadhead Agama

Pseudocalotes bapoensis (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae)

Dopasia hainanensis (Squamata Sauria - Anguidae) Hainan Glass Lizard

Goniurosaurus bawanglingensis (Squamata Sauria - Eublepharidae) Bawangling Leopard Gecko

Goniurosaurus hainanensis (Squamata Sauria - Eublepharidae) Hainan Leopard Gecko

Goniurosaurus kadoorieorum (Squamata Sauria - Eublepharidae) Kadoories’ Cave Gecko

Goniurosaurus kwangsiensis (Squamata Sauria - Eublepharidae) Guangxi Cave Gecko

Goniurosaurus liboensis (Squamata Sauria - Eublepharidae) Libo Leopard Gecko

Goniurosaurus yingdeensis (Squamata Sauria - Eublepharidae) Yingde Leopard Gecko

Goniurosaurus zhelongi (Squamata Sauria - Eublepharidae) Zhe-long's Leopard Gecko

Goniurosaurus zhoui (Squamata Sauria - Eublepharidae) Zhou's Leopard Gecko

Alsophylax przewalskii (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Xinjiang Even-fingered Gecko

Cyrtodactylus cayuensis (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Cayu Bent-toed Gecko

Cyrtodactylus tibetanus (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Tibet Bent-toed Gecko

Cyrtodactylus zhaoermii (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae)

Cyrtopodion medogense (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Medog Bow-fingered Gecko

Gekko auriverrucosus (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Shanxi Gecko

Gekko chinensis (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Gray's Chinese Gecko

Gekko guishanicus ** (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Guishan Gecko

Gekko kikuchii ** (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Botel Gecko
Gekko kwangsiensis
(Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Kwangsi Gecko

Gekko liboensis (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Libo Gecko

Gekko melli (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Mell’s Gecko

Gekko scabridus (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Yunnan Gecko

Gekko similignum (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae)

Gekko subpalmatus (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Less-webbed Gecko

Gekko swinhonis (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Swinhoe's Gecko

Gekko taibaiensis (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Mingtao's Gecko

Gekko wenxianensis (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae)

Hemiphyllodactylus changningensis (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Changning Slender Gecko

Hemiphyllodactylus dushanensis (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Dushan Slender Gecko

Hemiphyllodactylus huishuiensis (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Huishui Slender Gecko

Hemiphyllodactylus jinpingensis (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Jinping Slender Gecko

Hemiphyllodactylus longlingensis (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Longling Slender Gecko

Lepidodactylus yami ** (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Lanyu Scaly-toed Gecko

Ptychozoon bannaense (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae) Banna Parachute Gecko

Tenuidactylus dadunensis (Squamata Sauria - Gekkonidae)

Eremias brenchleyi (Squamata Sauria - Lacertidae) Ordos Racerunner

Eremias buechneri (Squamata Sauria - Lacertidae) Kashgar Racerunner

Eremias quadrifrons (Squamata Sauria - Lacertidae) Alachan Racerunner

Takydromus albomaculosus (Squamata Sauria - Lacertidae) White-spotted East Asian Grass Lizard

Takydromus formosanus ** (Squamata Sauria - Lacertidae) Formosan Grass Lizard

Takydromus hsuehshanensis ** (Squamata Sauria - Lacertidae) Hsuehshan Grass Lizard

Takydromus intermedius (Squamata Sauria - Lacertidae) Emei Ground Lizard

Takydromus luyeanus ** (Squamata Sauria - Lacertidae) Luyea Grass Lizard

Takydromus sauteri ** (Squamata Sauria - Lacertidae) Koshun Grass Lizard
Takydromus septentrionalis
(Squamata Sauria - Lacertidae) Chinese Grass Lizard

Takydromus stejnegeri ** (Squamata Sauria - Lacertidae) Brown Grass Lizard

Takydromus sylvaticus (Squamata Sauria - Lacertidae) Chong'an Ground Lizard

Takydromus viridipunctatus ** (Squamata Sauria - Lacertidae) Green-spotted Grass Lizard

Plestiodon capito (Squamata Sauria - Scincidae) Gail's Eyelid Skink

Plestiodon leucostictus ** (Squamata Sauria - Scincidae) White-spotted Chinese Skink

Plestiodon liui (Squamata Sauria - Scincidae) Liu's Skink

Plestiodon popei (Squamata Sauria - Scincidae) Pope's Skink

Plestiodon tunganus (Squamata Sauria - Scincidae) Tung River Skink

Scincella barbouri (Squamata Sauria - Scincidae) Barbour's Ground Skink

Scincella formosensis ** (Squamata Sauria - Scincidae) Van Denburgh's Ground Skink

Scincella huanrenensis (Squamata Sauria - Scincidae)

Scincella modesta (Squamata Sauria - Scincidae) Slender Forest Skink

Scincella potanini (Squamata Sauria - Scincidae)

Scincella przewalskii (Squamata Sauria - Scincidae)

Scincella schmidti (Squamata Sauria - Scincidae)

Scincella tsinlingensis (Squamata Sauria - Scincidae) Tsinling Dwarf Skink

Sphenomorphus taiwanensis ** (Squamata Sauria - Scincidae) Taiwan Alpine Skink

Tropidophorus guangxiensis (Squamata Sauria - Scincidae) Guangzi Water-side Skink

Teratoscincus roborowskii (Squamata Sauria - Sphaerodactylidae)

Atretium yunnanensis (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Yunnan Olive Keelback

Calamaria andersoni (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Anderson’s Reed Snake

Elaphe bimaculata (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Twin-spotted Rat Snake

Elaphe zoigeensis (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Zoige Rat Snake

Euprepiophis perlacea (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Pearl-banded Rat Snake

Hebius johannis (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Johann's Keelback

Hebius metusium (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Wa Shan Keelback

Hebius miyajimae ** (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Maki's Keelback

Hebius octolineatum (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Eight-lined Keelback

Hebius yanbianensis (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Yanbian Keelback

Herpetoreas burbrinki (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Burbrink's Keelback

Lycodon gongshan (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Gongshan Wolf Snake

Lycodon liuchengchaoi (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Liu's Wolf Snake

Lycodon multizonatus (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Luding Wolf Snake

Lycodon synaptor (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Boehme's Wolf Snake

Macropisthodon rudis * (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Red Keelback

Oligodon lungshenensis (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Longsheng Kukri Snake

Oligodon ornatus * (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Ornate Kukri Snake

Opisthotropis cheni (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Chen's Mountain Keelback

Opisthotropis guangxiensis (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Guangxi Mountain Keelback

Opisthotropis kuatunensis (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Chinese Mountain Keelback

Opisthotropis latouchii (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Sichuan Mountain Keelback

Opisthotropis laui (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Lau's Mountain Stream Snake

Opisthotropis maxwelli (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Maxwell's Mountain Keelback

Opisthotropis shenzhenensis (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Shenzhen Mountain Stream Snake

Opisthotropis zhaoermii (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Zhao's Mountain Stream Snake

Pseudoxenodon stejnegeri * (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Stejneger's Bamboo Snake

Rhabdophis adleri (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae)

Rhabdophis guangdongensis (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Guangdong Keelback

Rhabdophis pentasupralabialis (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae)

Rhabdophis swinhonis ** (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Taiwan Keelback

Sinonatrix annularis * (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Asiatic Banded Water Snake

Stichophanes ningshaanensis (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Ningshan Line-shaped Snake

Thermophis baileyi (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Xizang Hot-spring Keelback

Thermophis shangrila (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Shangri-la Hot-spring Keelback

Thermophis zhaoermii (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Sichuan Hot-spring Keelback

Sinomicrurus hatori ** (Squamata Serpentes - Elapidae) Hatori's Coral Snake

Sinomicrurus houi (Squamata Serpentes - Elapidae) Hou's Coral Snake

Sinomicrurus sauteri ** (Squamata Serpentes - Elapidae) Taiwan Coral Snake

Myrrophis bennettii (Squamata Serpentes - Homalopsidae) Bennett's Mud Snake

Pareas atayal ** (Squamata Serpentes - Pareidae) Atayal Slug-eating Snake

Pareas boulengeri (Squamata Serpentes - Pareidae) Boulenger's Slug-eating Snake

Pareas chinensis (Squamata Serpentes - Pareidae) Chinese Slug-eating Snake

Pareas formosensis ** (Squamata Serpentes - Pareidae) Taiwan Slug-eating Snake

Pareas komaii ** (Squamata Serpentes - Pareidae) Komai's Slug-eating Snake
Pareas nigriceps
(Squamata Serpentes - Pareidae) Xiaoheishan Slug-eating Snake

Pareas stanleyi (Squamata Serpentes - Pareidae) Stanley's Slug-eating Snake

Argyrophis koshunensis ** (Squamata Serpentes - Typhlopidae) Koshun Worm Snake

Gloydius angusticeps (Squamata Serpentes - Viperidae) Zoige Pitviper

Gloydius lijianlii (Squamata Serpentes - Viperidae)

Gloydius liupanensis (Squamata Serpentes - Viperidae)

Gloydius monticola (Squamata Serpentes - Viperidae) Likiang Pitviper

Gloydius qinlingensis (Squamata Serpentes - Viperidae) Qinling Pitviper

Gloydius rubromaculatus (Squamata Serpentes - Viperidae) Red-spotted Alpine Pitviper

Gloydius shedaoensis (Squamata Serpentes - Viperidae) Shedao Island Pitviper

Gloydius strauchi (Squamata Serpentes - Viperidae) Strauch's Pitviper

Protobothrops dabieshanensis (Squamata Serpentes - Viperidae) Dabie Mountains Pitviper

Protobothrops mangshanensis (Squamata Serpentes - Viperidae) Mangshan Pitviper

Protobothrops maolanensis (Squamata Serpentes - Viperidae) Mao-lan Pitviper

Protobothrops xiangchengensis (Squamata Serpentes - Viperidae) Kham Plateau Pitviper

Trimeresurus gracilis ** (Squamata Serpentes - Viperidae) Taiwan Mountain Pitviper

Trimeresurus sichuanensis (Squamata Serpentes - Viperidae) Sichuan Pitviper

Achalinus hainanus (Squamata Serpentes - Xenodermidae) Hainan Odd-scaled Snake

Achalinus jinggangensis (Squamata Serpentes - Xenodermidae) Zong's Odd-scaled Snake

Achalinus meiguensis (Squamata Serpentes - Xenodermidae) Sichuan Odd-scaled Snake

Achalinus niger ** (Squamata Serpentes - Xenodermidae) Black Odd-scaled Snake

Cuora aurocapitata (Testudines  - Geoemydidae) Golden-headed Box Turtle

Cuora mccordi (Testudines  - Geoemydidae) McCord's Box Turtle

Cuora pani (Testudines  - Geoemydidae) Pan's Box Turtle

Cuora trifasciata (Testudines  - Geoemydidae) Chinese Three-striped Box Turtle

Cuora yunnanensis (Testudines  - Geoemydidae) Yunnan Box Turtle

Mauremys nigricans (Testudines  - Geoemydidae) Red-necked Pond Turtle

Sacalia bealei (Testudines  - Geoemydidae) Beale's Eyed Turtle

Pelodiscus axenaria (Testudines  - Trionychidae) Hunan Softshell Turtle

Pelodiscus sinensis * (Testudines  - Trionychidae) Chinese Softshell Turtle

Recently described species not included in the 14 November 2018 version of The Reptile Database are listed below:

Acanthosaura tongbiguanensis (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) 

Diploderma drukdaypo (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Dwarf Mountain Dragon

Diploderma swild (Squamata Sauria - Agamidae) Swild Mountain Dragon

Takydromus yunkaiensis (Squamata Sauria - Lacertidae) Yunkai Grass Lizard
Hebius yanbianensis
 (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Yanbian Keelback
Sinonatrix yapingi
 (Squamata Serpentes - Colubridae) Jingdong Water Snake

Gloydius huangi (Squamata Serpentes - Viperidae) Lancang Plateau Viper

Trimeresurus yingjiangensis (Squamata Serpentes - Viperidae) Yingjiang Green Pitviper

Achalinus yunkaiensis (Squamata Serpentes - Xenodermidae) Yunkai Mountains Odd-scaled Snake

This list of amphibian species found exclusively in China is based on the species recognized in AmphibiaWeb as of 28 October 2018. For further details on possible inaccuracies in the list see Sources & Caveats.

Additional species added to AmphibiaWeb after 28 
October 2018 are listed at the bottom of this page.

* = Mainland plus Taiwan  ** = Taiwan only  *** = Hong Kong only

272 endemic amphibians are indicated (by triangles) in the 2016 checklist at (ResearchGate)

Bombina fortinuptialis (Anura - Bombinatoridae) Large-spined Bell Toad

Bombina lichuanensis (Anura - Bombinatoridae) Lichuan Bell Toad

Bombina maxima (Anura - Bombinatoridae) Large-webbed Bell Toad

Bufo ailaoanus (Anura - Bufonidae) Ailao Stream Toad

Bufo aspinius (Anura - Bufonidae) Spineless Stream Toad

Bufo bankorensis ** (Anura - Bufonidae) Bankor Toad

Bufo luchunnicus (Anura - Bufonidae) Luchun Stream Toad

Bufo menglianus (Anura - Bufonidae) Menglian Stream Toad

Bufo tuberculatus (Anura - Bufonidae) Round-warted Toad

Bufo tuberospinius (Anura - Bufonidae)

Bufotes zamdaensis (Anura - Bufonidae) Zamda Toad

Duttaphrynus cyphosus (Anura - Bufonidae) Projective-Occiputed Toad

Ingerophrynus ledongensis (Anura - Bufonidae) Ledong Toad

Parapelophryne scalpta (Anura - Bufonidae) Hainan Flathead Toad

Liurana alpina (Anura - Ceratobatrachidae) Alpine Papilla-tongued Frog

Liurana reticulata (Anura - Ceratobatrachidae) Reticulated Papillae-tongued Frog

Liurana xizangensis (Anura - Ceratobatrachidae) Xizang Papillae-tongued Frog

Fejervarya multistriata * (Anura - Dicroglossidae) Hong Kong Rice Paddy Frog

Limnonectes fragilis (Anura - Dicroglossidae) Fragile Large-headed Frog

Limnonectes fujianensis * (Anura - Dicroglossidae) Fujian Large-headed Frog

Limnonectes liui (Anura - Dicroglossidae) Liu's Papillae-tongued Frog

Nanorana kangxianensis (Anura - Dicroglossidae) Kangxian Swelled-vented Frog

Nanorana maculosa (Anura - Dicroglossidae) Piebald Spiny Frog

Nanorana medogensis (Anura - Dicroglossidae) Medog Spiny Frog

Nanorana phrynoides (Anura - Dicroglossidae)

Nanorana quadranus (Anura - Dicroglossidae) Swelled-vented Frog

Nanorana sichuanensis (Anura - Dicroglossidae) Sichuan Paa Frog

Nanorana taihangnica (Anura - Dicroglossidae) Taihangshan Swelled-vented Frog

Nanorana unculuanus (Anura - Dicroglossidae) Yunnan Asian Frog

Nanorana ventripunctata (Anura - Dicroglossidae) Spot-bellied Plateau Frog

Quasipaa courtoisi (Anura - Dicroglossidae)

Quasipaa exilispinosa (Anura - Dicroglossidae) Little Spiny Frog

Quasipaa jiulongensis (Anura - Dicroglossidae) Jiulong Spiny Frog

Quasipaa shini (Anura - Dicroglossidae) Spiny-flanked Frog

Quasipaa yei (Anura - Dicroglossidae) Ye's Spiny-vented Frog

Hyla chinensis * (Anura - Hylidae) Chinese Tree Toad

Hyla immaculata (Anura - Hylidae) Spotless Tree Frog

Hyla sanchiangensis (Anura - Hylidae) Sanchiang Tree Frog

Hyla tsinlingensis (Anura - Hylidae) Tsinling Tree Frog

Hyla zhaopingensis (Anura - Hylidae) Zhaoping Tree Frog

Atympanophrys gigantica (Anura - Megophryidae) Great Piebald Horned Toad

Atympanophrys nankiangensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Nankiang Horned Toad

Atympanophrys shapingensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Shaping Horned Toad

Atympanophrys wawuensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Wawu Horned Toad

Brachytarsophrys chuannanensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Chuanan Short-legged Toad

Brachytarsophrys popei (Anura - Megophryidae)

Leptobrachella alpina (Anura - Megophryidae) Alpine Metacarpal-tubercled Toad

Leptobrachella laui (Anura - Megophryidae) Lau's Leaf-litter Toad

Leptobrachella liui (Anura - Megophryidae) Fujian Metacarpal-tubercled Toad

Leptobrachella maoershanensis (Anura - Megophryidae)

Leptobrachella oshanensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Oshan Metacarpal-tubercled Toad

Leptobrachella purpura (Anura - Megophryidae) Purplish-brown Leaf Litter Toad

Leptobrachella tengchongensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Tengchong Leaf Litter Toad

Leptobrachella wuhuangmontis (Anura - Megophryidae) Mount Wuhuang Leaf Litter Toad

Leptobrachella yingjiangensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Yingjian Leaf Litter Frog

Leptobrachella yunkaiensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Yunkai Mountain Leaf Litter Toad

Leptobrachium boringii (Anura - Megophryidae) Emei Moustache Toad

Leptobrachium hainanense (Anura - Megophryidae) Hainan Pseudomoustache Toad

Leptobrachium leishanense (Anura - Megophryidae) Leishan Moustache Toad

Leptobrachium liui (Anura - Megophryidae) Chong'an Moustache Toad

Leptobrachium tengchongense (Anura - Megophryidae)

Megophrys feii (Anura - Megophryidae)

Oreolalax chuanbeiensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Chuanbei Toothed Toad

Oreolalax granulosus (Anura - Megophryidae) Spiny Warty Toothed Toad

Oreolalax jingdongensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Jingdong Toothed Toad

Oreolalax liangbeiensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Liangbei Toothed Toad

Oreolalax lichuanensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Lichuan Toothed Toad

Oreolalax major (Anura - Megophryidae) Large Toothed Toad

Oreolalax multipunctatus (Anura - Megophryidae) Spotted Toothed Toad

Oreolalax nanjiangensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Nankiang Toothed Toad

Oreolalax omeimontis (Anura - Megophryidae) Omei Toothed Toad

Oreolalax pingii (Anura - Megophryidae) Ping's Toothed Toad

Oreolalax popei (Anura - Megophryidae) Baoxing Toothed Toad

Oreolalax puxiongensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Puxiong Toothed Toad

Oreolalax rhodostigmatus (Anura - Megophryidae) Red-spotted Toothed Toad

Oreolalax rugosus (Anura - Megophryidae) Warty Toothed Toad

Oreolalax schmidti (Anura - Megophryidae) Webless Toothed Toad

Oreolalax weigoldi (Anura - Megophryidae) Weigold Toothed Toad

Oreolalax xiangchengensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Xiangcheng Toothed Toad

Scutiger brevipes (Anura - Megophryidae) Taining Cat-eyed Toad

Scutiger chintingensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Chinting Alpine Toad

Scutiger glandulatus (Anura - Megophryidae) Chest Gland Cat-eyed Toad

Scutiger gongshanensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Gongshan Cat-eyed Toad

Scutiger jiulongensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Jiulong Cat-eyed Toad

Scutiger liupanensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Liupan Alpine Toad

Scutiger maculatus (Anura - Megophryidae) Piebald Alpine Toad

Scutiger mammatus (Anura - Megophryidae) Chest Spiny Cat-eyed Toad

Scutiger muliensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Muli Cat-eyed Toad

Scutiger ningshanensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Ningshan Alpine Toad

Scutiger pingwuensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Pingwu Alpine Toad

Scutiger tuberculatus (Anura - Megophryidae) Round-tubercled Cat-eyed Toad

Scutiger wanglangensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Wanglang Alpine Toad

Scutiger wuguanfui (Anura - Megophryidae) Medog Cat-eyed Toad

Xenophrys acuta (Anura - Megophryidae) Fengkai's Horn Toad

Xenophrys baolongensis (Anura - Megophryidae)

Xenophrys binchuanensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Binchuan Horned Toad

Xenophrys binlingensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Binling Horned Toad

Xenophrys boettgeri (Anura - Megophryidae) Pale-shouldered Horned Toad

Xenophrys caudoprocta (Anura - Megophryidae) Convex-tailed Horned Toad

Xenophrys cheni (Anura - Megophryidae)

Xenophrys huangshanensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Huangshan Horned Toad

Xenophrys insularis (Anura - Megophryidae)

Xenophrys jinggangensis (Anura - Megophryidae)

Xenophrys kuatunensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Kuatun Horned Toad

Xenophrys liboensis (Anura - Megophryidae)

Xenophrys lini (Anura - Megophryidae)

Xenophrys mangshanensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Mangshan Horned Toad

Xenophrys medogensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Medog Horned Toad

Xenophrys obesa (Anura - Megophryidae) Heishiding's Horn Toad

Xenophrys omeimontis (Anura - Megophryidae) Omei Horned Toad

Xenophrys pachyproctus (Anura - Megophryidae) Convex-vented Horned Toad

Xenophrys sangzhiensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Sangzhi Horned Toad

Xenophrys shuichengensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Shuicheng Horned Toad

Xenophrys spinata (Anura - Megophryidae) Spiny-fingered Horned Toad

Xenophrys tuberogranulatus (Anura - Megophryidae) Tianzishan Horned Toad

Xenophrys wushanensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Wushan Horned Toad

Xenophrys zhangi (Anura - Megophryidae) Zhang's Horned Toad

Kaloula nonggangensis (Anura - Microhylidae) Nonggang Narrow-mouthed frog

Kaloula rugifera (Anura - Microhylidae) Sichuan Digging Frog

Kaloula verrucosa (Anura - Microhylidae) Verrucous Digging Frog

Microhyla beilunensis (Anura - Microhylidae) Beilun Pygmy Frog

Microhyla fissipes * (Anura - Microhylidae) Ornate Narrow-mouthed Frog

Microhyla mixtura (Anura - Microhylidae) Mixtured Pygmy Frog

Micryletta steinegeri ** (Anura - Microhylidae) Taiwan Paddy Frog

Amolops albispinus (Anura - Ranidae) White-spined Cascade Frog

Amolops aniqiaoensis (Anura - Ranidae) Aniqiao Torrent Frog

Amolops bellulus (Anura - Ranidae) Pianma Torrent Frog

Amolops caelumnoctis (Anura - Ranidae)

Amolops chayuensis (Anura - Ranidae)

Amolops chunganensis (Anura - Ranidae) Chungan Torrent Frog

Amolops daiyunensis (Anura - Ranidae) Daiyun Torrent Frog

Amolops granulosus (Anura - Ranidae) Granular Torrent Frog

Amolops hainanensis (Anura - Ranidae) Hainan Torrent Frog

Amolops hongkongensis (Anura - Ranidae) Hong Kong Torrent Frog

Amolops jinjiangensis (Anura - Ranidae) Jinjiang Torrent Frog

Amolops liangshanensis (Anura - Ranidae) Liangshan Torrent Frog

Amolops lifanensis (Anura - Ranidae) Lifan Torrent Frog

Amolops loloensis (Anura - Ranidae) Rufous-spotted Torrent Frog

Amolops medogensis (Anura - Ranidae) Medog Torrent Frog

Amolops mengyangensis (Anura - Ranidae) Mengyang Torrent Frog

Amolops nyingchiensis (Anura - Ranidae) Nyingchi Cascade Frog

Amolops torrentis (Anura - Ranidae) Little Torrent Frog

Amolops tuberodepressus (Anura - Ranidae)

Amolops wenshanensis (Anura - Ranidae)

Amolops wuyiensis (Anura - Ranidae) Wuyi Torrent Frog

Amolops xinduqiao (Anura - Ranidae)

Amolops yunkaiensis (Anura - Ranidae) Yunkai Torrent Frog

Babina caldwelli (Anura - Ranidae) Caldwell's Music Frog

Babina daunchina (Anura - Ranidae) Emei Music Frog

Babina hainanensis (Anura - Ranidae) Hainan Music Frog

Babina pleuraden (Anura - Ranidae) Yunnan Music Frog

Glandirana minima (Anura - Ranidae) Fujian Frog

Glandirana tientaiensis (Anura - Ranidae) Tientai Rough-skinned Frog

Hylarana latouchii * (Anura - Ranidae) Brown Wood Frog

Odorrana anlungensis (Anura - Ranidae) Anlung Odorous Frog

Odorrana cangyuanensis (Anura - Ranidae) Cangyuan Odorous Frog

Odorrana exiliversabilis (Anura - Ranidae) Fujian Bamboo-leaf Frog

Odorrana fengkaiensis (Anura - Ranidae) Feng-kai Odor Frog

Odorrana hainanensis (Anura - Ranidae) Hainan Odorous Frog

Odorrana hejiangensis (Anura - Ranidae) Hejiang Odorous Frog

Odorrana huanggangensis (Anura - Ranidae) Huanggang Odorous Frog

Odorrana kuangwuensis (Anura - Ranidae) Kwangwu Odorous Frog

Odorrana kweichowensis (Anura - Ranidae) Guizhou Odorous Frog

Odorrana leporipes (Anura - Ranidae) Longtou Odorous Frog

Odorrana lungshengensis (Anura - Ranidae) Lungshen Odorous Frog

Odorrana macrotympana (Anura - Ranidae)

Odorrana nanjiangensis (Anura - Ranidae) Nanjiang Odorous Frog

Odorrana nasuta (Anura - Ranidae) Hainan Bamboo-leaf Frog

Odorrana rotodora (Anura - Ranidae) Round-spotted Odorous Frog

Odorrana schmackeri (Anura - Ranidae) Piebald Odorous Frog

Odorrana sinica (Anura - Ranidae) Ahl's Odorous Frog

Odorrana swinhoana ** (Anura - Ranidae) Swinhoe's Brown Frog

Odorrana tianmuii (Anura - Ranidae) Tianmu Odorous Frog

Odorrana tormota (Anura - Ranidae) Concave-eared Torrent Frog

Odorrana versabilis (Anura - Ranidae) Bamboo-leaf Frog

Odorrana wuchuanensis (Anura - Ranidae) Wuchuan Odorous Frog

Odorrana yizhangensis (Anura - Ranidae) Yizang Odorous Frog

Odorrana zhaoi (Anura - Ranidae) Medog Odorous Frog

Pelophylax fukienensis * (Anura - Ranidae) Fukien Gold-striped Pond Frog

Pelophylax hubeiensis (Anura - Ranidae) Hubei Gold-striped Pond Frog

Pelophylax plancyi (Anura - Ranidae) Beijing Gold-striped Pond Frog

Pelophylax tenggerensis (Anura - Ranidae) Yellow River Frog

Rana chaochiaoensis (Anura - Ranidae) Chaochiao Brown Frog

Rana chevronta (Anura - Ranidae) Chevron-spotted Brown Frog

Rana culaiensis (Anura - Ranidae) Culai Brown Frog

Rana dabieshanensis (Anura - Ranidae) Dabie Mountain Brown Frog

Rana hanluica (Anura - Ranidae) Hanlui Brown Frog

Rana jiemuxiensis (Anura - Ranidae) Jiemuxi Brown Frog

Rana kukunoris (Anura - Ranidae) Plateau Brown Frog

Rana longicrus * (Anura - Ranidae) Long-legged Frog

Rana luanchuanensis (Anura - Ranidae)

Rana maoershanensis (Anura - Ranidae) Maoershan Frog

Rana omeimontis (Anura - Ranidae) Omei Brown Frog

Rana sangzhiensis (Anura - Ranidae) Sanzhi Groove-toed Frog

Rana sauteri ** (Anura - Ranidae) Sauter's Brown Frog

Rana shuchinae (Anura - Ranidae) Gland-shanked Pond Frog

Rana weiningensis (Anura - Ranidae) Weining Groove-toed Frog

Rana zhengi (Anura - Ranidae) Zhangcun Frog

Rana zhenhaiensis (Anura - Ranidae) Zhenhai Brown Frog

Sylvirana spinulosa (Anura - Ranidae) Fine-spined Frog

Buergeria otai ** (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Ota's Stream Tree Frog

Buergeria oxycephala (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Hainan Stream Tree Frog

Buergeria robusta ** (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Strong Stream Tree Frog

Feihyla fuhua (Anura - Rhacophoridae) White-cheeked Small Tree Frog

Gracixalus guangdongensis (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Guangdong Tree Frog

Gracixalus jinggangensis (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Jinggang Tree Frog

Gracixalus medogensis (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Medog Small Tree Frog

Gracixalus nonggangensis (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Nonggang Small Tree Frog

Gracixalus tianlinensis (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Tianlin Small Tree Frog

Kurixalus berylliniris ** (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Emerald-eyed Tree Frog

Kurixalus idiootocus ** (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Mientien Tree Frog

Kurixalus lenquanensis (Anura - Rhacophoridae)

Kurixalus wangi ** (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Wang's Tree Frog

Liuixalus feii (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Fei's Small Tree Frog

Liuixalus hainanus (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Hainan Small Tree Frog

Liuixalus ocellatus (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Ocellated Small Tree Frog

Liuixalus romeri *** (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Romer's Tree Frog

Liuixalus shiwandashan (Anura - Rhacophoridae)

Nasutixalus medogensis (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Medog Ridged-nose Tree Frog

Nasutixalus yingjiangensis (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Yingjiang Tree-hole Frog

Polypedates braueri * (Anura - Rhacophoridae) White-lipped Tree Frog

Polypedates impresus (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Concave-crowned Tree Frog

Raorchestes longchuanensis (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Longchuan Small Tree Frog

Raorchestes menglaensis (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Mengla's Small Tree Frog

Rhacophorus arvalis ** (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Farmland Tree Frog

Rhacophorus aurantiventris ** (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Orange-bellied Tree Frog

Rhacophorus chenfui (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Chenfu's Tree Frog

Rhacophorus hongchibaensis (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Wuxi Tree Frog

Rhacophorus hui (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Zhaojue Tree Frog

Rhacophorus hungfuensis (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Hungfu Tree Frog

Rhacophorus laoshan (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Laoshan Tree Frog

Rhacophorus leucofasciatus (Anura - Rhacophoridae) White-striped Tree Frog

Rhacophorus minimus (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Minimal Tree Frog

Rhacophorus moltrechti ** (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Moltrecht's Tree Frog

Rhacophorus nigropunctatus (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Black-spotted Tree Frog

Rhacophorus omeimontis (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Omei Tree Frog

Rhacophorus pinglongensis (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Pinglong Tree Frog

Rhacophorus prasinatus ** (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Emerald Tree Frog

Rhacophorus puerensis (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Puer Tree Frog

Rhacophorus taipeianus ** (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Taipei Tree Frog

Rhacophorus verrucopus (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Serrate-toed Tree Frog

Rhacophorus wui (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Lichuan Tree Frog

Rhacophorus yaoshanensis (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Yaoshan Tree Frog

Rhacophorus yinggelingensis (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Yinggelin Tree Frog

Rhacophorus zhoukaiyae (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Anhui Tree Frog

Theloderma albopunctatum (Anura - Rhacophoridae) White-banded Small Tree Frog

Theloderma baibengense (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Baibung Small Tree Frog

Theloderma kwangsiense (Anura - Rhacophoridae) Kwangsi Warty Tree Frog

Andrias davidianus (Caudata - Cryptobranchidae) Chinese Giant Salamander

Batrachuperus karlschmidti (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Chiala Mountain Salamander

Batrachuperus londongensis (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Longdong Stream Salamander

Batrachuperus pinchonii (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Stream Salamander

Batrachuperus taibaiensis (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Taibai Stream Salamander

Batrachuperus tibetanus (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Alpine Stream Salamander

Batrachuperus yenyuanensis (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Yenyuan Stream Salamander

Hynobius amjiensis (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Anji Salamander

Hynobius arisanensis ** (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Arisan Salamander

Hynobius chinensis (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Chinese Salamander

Hynobius formosanus ** (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Taiwan Salamander

Hynobius fucus ** (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Taiwan Lesser Salamander

Hynobius glacialis ** (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Nanhu Salamander

Hynobius guabangshanensis (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Guabangshan Salamander

Hynobius maoershanensis (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Maoer Shan Salamander

Hynobius sonani ** (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Sonan's Salamander

Hynobius yiwuensis (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Yiwu Salamander

Liua shihi (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Wushan Salamander

Liua tsinpaensis (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Tsinpa Salamander

Onychodactylus zhangyapingi (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Jilin Clawed Salamander

Onychodactylus zhaoermii (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Liaoning Clawed Salamander

Pachyhynobius shangchengensis (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Shangcheng Stout Salamander

Pseudohynobius flavomaculatus (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Yellow-spotted Salamander

Pseudohynobius guizhouensis (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Guizhou Salamander

Pseudohynobius jinfo (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Jinfo Salamander

Pseudohynobius kuankuoshuiensis (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Kuankuoshui Salamander

Pseudohynobius puxiongensis (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Puxiong Salamander

Pseudohynobius shuichengensis (Caudata - Hynobiidae) Shuicheng Salamander

Cynops chenggongensis (Caudata - Salamandridae) Chenggong Fire-bellied Newt

Cynops cyanurus (Caudata - Salamandridae) Blue-tailed Fire-bellied Newt

Cynops fudingensis (Caudata - Salamandridae) Fuding Fire-bellied Newt

Cynops glaucus (Caudata - Salamandridae) Blue-gray Fire-bellied Newt

Cynops orientalis (Caudata - Salamandridae) Oriental Fire-bellied Newt

Cynops orphicus (Caudata - Salamandridae) Dayang Newt

Cynops wolterstorffi (Caudata - Salamandridae) Yunnan Lake Newt

Echinotriton chinhaiensis (Caudata - Salamandridae) Chinhai Spiny Newt

Echinotriton maxiquadratus (Caudata - Salamandridae) Mountain Spiny Newt

Pachytriton airobranchiatus (Caudata - Salamandridae) Southern Stout Newt

Pachytriton archospotus (Caudata - Salamandridae) Guidong Stout Newt

Pachytriton brevipes (Caudata - Salamandridae) Black-spotted Stout Newt

Pachytriton changi (Caudata - Salamandridae) Chang's Stout Newt

Pachytriton feii (Caudata - Salamandridae) Fei's Stout Newt

Pachytriton granulosus (Caudata - Salamandridae) Spotless Stout Newt

Pachytriton inexpectatus (Caudata - Salamandridae) Yaoshan Stout Newt

Pachytriton moi (Caudata - Salamandridae) Mo's Stout Newt

Pachytriton wuguanfui (Caudata - Salamandridae) Wu's Stout Newt

Pachytriton xanthospilos (Caudata - Salamandridae) Yellow-spotted Stout Newt

Paramesotriton aurantius (Caudata - Salamandridae)

Paramesotriton caudopunctatus (Caudata - Salamandridae) Spot-tailed Warty Newt

Paramesotriton chinensis (Caudata - Salamandridae) Chinese Warty Newt

Paramesotriton fuzhongensis (Caudata - Salamandridae) Fuzhong Warty Newt

Paramesotriton hongkongensis (Caudata - Salamandridae) Hong Kong Warty Newt

Paramesotriton labiatus (Caudata - Salamandridae) Zhao Ermi's Smooth Warty Newt

Paramesotriton longliensis (Caudata - Salamandridae) Longli Warty Newt

Paramesotriton maolanensis (Caudata - Salamandridae) Maolan Warty Newt

Paramesotriton qixilingensis (Caudata - Salamandridae) Quixiling Warty Newt

Paramesotriton wulingensis (Caudata - Salamandridae) Wuling Warty Newt

Paramesotriton yunwuensis (Caudata - Salamandridae) Yuwu Warty Newt

Paramesotriton zhijinensis (Caudata - Salamandridae) Zhijin Warty Newt

Tylototriton anhuiensis (Caudata - Salamandridae) Anhui Knobby Newt

Tylototriton broadoridgus (Caudata - Salamandridae) Sangzhi Crocodile Newt

Tylototriton dabienicus (Caudata - Salamandridae) Dabie Mountain Crocodile Newt

Tylototriton hainanensis (Caudata - Salamandridae) Hainan Knobby Newt

Tylototriton kweichowensis (Caudata - Salamandridae) Red-tailed Knobby Newt

Tylototriton liuyangensis (Caudata - Salamandridae) Liuyang Crocodile Newt

Tylototriton lizhengchangi (Caudata - Salamandridae) Mangshan Crocodile Newt

Tylototriton pseudoverrucosus (Caudata - Salamandridae) Southern Sichuan Crocodile Newt

Tylototriton shanjing (Caudata - Salamandridae) Red Knobby Newt

Tylototriton taliangensis (Caudata - Salamandridae) Taliang Knobby Newt

Tylototriton wenxianensis (Caudata - Salamandridae) Wenxian Knobby Newt

Tylototriton yangi (Caudata - Salamandridae) Tiannan Crocodile Newt

Recently described species added to AmphibiaWeb after 28 October 2018 are listed below:

Liurana vallecula (Anura - Ceratobatrachidae) Valley Papilla-tongued Frog
Nanorana zhaoermii (Anura - Dicroglossidae) Lhunze Spiny Frog
Leptobrachella bijie (Anura - Megophryidae) Bijie Leaf Litter Toad
Leptobrachella purpuraventra (Anura - Megophryidae) Purple-bellied Leaf Litter Toad
Leptobrachella shangsiensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Shangsi Leaf Litter Toad
Megophrys dongguanensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Dongguan Horned Toad
Megophrys jiulianensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Julianshan Horned Toad
Megophrys mufumontana (Anura - Megophryidae) Mufushan Horned Toad
Megophrys nankunensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Nankunshan Horned Toad
Megophrys nanlingensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Nanling Horned Toad
Megophrys ombrophila (Anura - Megophryidae) Yu Shen Horned Toad
Megophrys shunhuangensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Shunhuang Horned Toad
Megophrys wugongensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Wugongshan Horned Toad
Scutiger tengchongensis (Anura - Megophryidae) Tengchong Lazy Toad
Microhyla fanjingshanensis
 (Anura - Microhylidae) Fanjing Mountain Pygmy Frog

Amolops mengdingensis (Anura - Ranidae)
Amolops shuichengicus (Anura - Ranidae) Shuicheng Torrent Frog
Amolops sinensis (Anura - Ranidae) Chinese Torrent Frog
Amolops yatseni (Anura - Ranidae) Yat-sen's Torrent Frog
Nidirana leishanensis (Anura - Ranidae) Leishan Music Frog
Nidirana yaoica (Anura - Ranidae) Mount Dayao Music Frog

Raorchestes cangyuanensis (Anura - Rhacophoridae)