Checklist of Endemic Bird Species


This list of bird species found exclusively in China is based on the taxonomy used in del Hoyo & Collar (2014 & 2016). The source list based on the December 2017 update is available online here. For further details on possible inaccuracies in the list see Sources & Caveasts.

del Hoyo, J. & N.J. Collar HBW and BirdLife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World. 2014 Vol. 1: Non-passerines & 2016 Vol. 2: Passerines. Lynx Edicions, Barcelona.

* = Mainland plus Taiwan ** = Taiwan only

77 endemic birds are indicated (by triangles) in the 2016 checklist at (ResearchGate)

Arborophila crudigularis  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  Taiwan Partridge  **

Arborophila rufipectus  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  Sichuan Partridge

Arborophila gingica  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  Collared Partridge

Arborophila ardens  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  Hainan Partridge

Polyplectron katsumatae  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  Hainan Peacock-pheasant

Alectoris magna  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  Przevalski's Partridge

Bambusicola thoracicus  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  Chinese Bamboo-partridge

Bambusicola sonorivox  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  Taiwan Bamboo-partridge  **

Tetraophasis obscurus  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  Chestnut-throated Partridge

Lophophorus lhuysii  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  Chinese Monal

Tragopan caboti  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  Cabot's Tragopan

Syrmaticus ellioti  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  Elliot's Pheasant

Syrmaticus mikado  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  Mikado Pheasant  **

Syrmaticus reevesii  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  Reeves's Pheasant

Chrysolophus pictus  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  Golden Pheasant

Lophura swinhoii  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  Swinhoe's Pheasant  **

Crossoptilon crossoptilon  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  White Eared-pheasant

Crossoptilon mantchuricum  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  Brown Eared-pheasant

Crossoptilon auritum  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  Blue Eared-pheasant

Bonasa sewerzowi  (Galliformes Phasianidae)  Chinese Grouse

Caprimulgus centralasicus  (Caprimulgiformes Caprimulgidae)  Vaurie's Nightjar  (Breeding)

Saundersilarus saundersi  (Charadriiformes Laridae)  Saunders's Gull  (Breeding)

Thalasseus bernsteini  (Charadriiformes Laridae)  Chinese Crested Tern  (Breeding)

Psilopogon nuchalis  (Piciformes Megalaimidae)  Taiwan Barbet  **

Psilopogon faber  (Piciformes Megalaimidae)  Chinese Barbet

Picoides funebris  (Piciformes Picidae)  Dark-bodied Woodpecker

Oriolus mellianus  (Passeriformes Oriolidae)  Silver Oriole  (Breeding)

Pericrocotus cantonensis  (Passeriformes Campephagidae)  Brown-rumped Minivet  (Breeding)

Lanius giganteus  (Passeriformes Laniidae)  Giant Grey Shrike

Urocissa caerulea  (Passeriformes Corvidae)  Taiwan Blue Magpie  **

Urocissa whiteheadi  (Passeriformes Corvidae)  Hainan Magpie

Perisoreus internigrans  (Passeriformes Corvidae)  Sichuan Jay

Podoces biddulphi  (Passeriformes Corvidae)  Xinjiang Ground-jay

Pardaliparus venustulus  (Passeriformes Paridae)  Yellow-bellied Tit

Sittiparus castaneoventris  (Passeriformes Paridae)  Chestnut-bellied Tit  **

Poecile superciliosus  (Passeriformes Paridae)  White-browed Tit

Poecile davidi  (Passeriformes Paridae)  Rusty-breasted Tit

Machlolophus holsti  (Passeriformes Paridae)  Yellow Tit  **

Pnoepyga formosana  (Passeriformes Pnoepygidae)  Taiwan Cupwing  **

Locustella alishanensis  (Passeriformes Locustellidae)  Taiwan Grasshopper-warbler  **

Locustella chengi  (Passeriformes Locustellidae)  Sichuan Grasshopper-warbler

Pycnonotus taivanus  (Passeriformes Pycnonotidae)  Styan's Bulbul  **

Phylloscopus yunnanensis  (Passeriformes Phylloscopidae)  Chinese Leaf-warbler  (Breeding)

Phylloscopus kansuensis  (Passeriformes Phylloscopidae)  Gansu Leaf-warbler  (Breeding)

Phylloscopus omeiensis  (Passeriformes Phylloscopidae)  Martens's Warbler  (Breeding)

Phylloscopus soror  (Passeriformes Phylloscopidae)  Alström's Warbler  (Breeding)

Phylloscopus emeiensis  (Passeriformes Phylloscopidae)  Emei Leaf-warbler  (Breeding)

Phylloscopus ricketti  (Passeriformes Phylloscopidae)  Sulphur-breasted Warbler  (Breeding)

Phylloscopus claudiae  (Passeriformes Phylloscopidae)  Claudia's Leaf-warbler  (Breeding)

Phylloscopus goodsoni  (Passeriformes Phylloscopidae)  Hartert's Leaf-warbler  (Breeding)

Phylloscopus hainanus  (Passeriformes Phylloscopidae)  Hainan Leaf-warbler

Horornis acanthizoides  (Passeriformes Scotocercidae)  Yellowish-bellied Bush-warbler  *

Aegithalos fuliginosus  (Passeriformes Aegithalidae)  Sooty Tit

Aegithalos glaucogularis  (Passeriformes Aegithalidae)  Silver-throated Tit

Moupinia poecilotis  (Passeriformes Sylviidae)  Rufous-tailed Babbler

Rhopophilus albosuperciliaris  (Passeriformes Sylviidae)  Tarim Hill-warbler

Fulvetta cinereiceps  (Passeriformes Sylviidae)  Grey-hooded Fulvetta

Fulvetta formosana  (Passeriformes Sylviidae)  Taiwan Fulvetta  **

Fulvetta striaticollis  (Passeriformes Sylviidae)  Chinese Fulvetta

Fulvetta ruficapilla  (Passeriformes Sylviidae)  Spectacled Fulvetta

Cholornis paradoxus  (Passeriformes Sylviidae)  Three-toed Parrotbill

Sinosuthora conspicillata  (Passeriformes Sylviidae)  Spectacled Parrotbill

Sinosuthora ricketti  (Passeriformes Sylviidae)  Yunnan Parrotbill

Sinosuthora zappeyi  (Passeriformes Sylviidae)  Grey-hooded Parrotbill

Sinosuthora przewalskii  (Passeriformes Sylviidae)  Rusty-throated Parrotbill

Yuhina brunneiceps  (Passeriformes Zosteropidae)  Taiwan Yuhina  **

Pomatorhinus musicus  (Passeriformes Timaliidae)  Taiwan Scimitar-babbler  **

Erythrogenys swinhoei  (Passeriformes Timaliidae)  Grey-sided Scimitar-babbler

Erythrogenys erythrocnemis  (Passeriformes Timaliidae)  Black-necklaced Scimitar-babbler  **

Stachyris nonggangensis  (Passeriformes Timaliidae)  Nonggang Babbler

Schoeniparus brunneus  (Passeriformes Pellorneidae)  Dusky Fulvetta  *

Schoeniparus variegaticeps  (Passeriformes Pellorneidae)  Golden-fronted Fulvetta

Garrulax taewanus  (Passeriformes Leiotrichidae)  Taiwan Hwamei  **

Garrulax lunulatus  (Passeriformes Leiotrichidae)  Barred Laughingthrush

Garrulax bieti  (Passeriformes Leiotrichidae)  White-speckled Laughingthrush

Garrulax maximus  (Passeriformes Leiotrichidae)  Giant Laughingthrush

Garrulax sukatschewi  (Passeriformes Leiotrichidae)  Snowy-cheeked Laughingthrush

Garrulax davidi  (Passeriformes Leiotrichidae)  Plain Laughingthrush

Garrulax monachus  (Passeriformes Leiotrichidae)  Hainan Laughingthrush

Garrulax waddelli  (Passeriformes Leiotrichidae)  Giant Babax

Garrulax koslowi  (Passeriformes Leiotrichidae)  Tibetan Babax

Garrulax ruficeps  (Passeriformes Leiotrichidae)  Rufous-crowned Laughingthrush  **

Garrulax berthemyi  (Passeriformes Leiotrichidae)  Buffy Laughingthrush

Garrulax poecilorhynchus (Passeriformes Leiotrichidae)  Rusty Laughingthrush  **

Garrulax courtoisi  (Passeriformes Leiotrichidae)  Blue-crowned Laughingthrush

Trochalopteron morrisonianum  (Passeriformes Leiotrichidae)  White-whiskered Laughingthrush  **

Trochalopteron henrici  (Passeriformes Leiotrichidae)  Brown-cheeked Laughingthrush

Heterophasia auricularis  (Passeriformes Leiotrichidae)  White-eared Sibia  **

Liocichla omeiensis  (Passeriformes Leiotrichidae)  Emei Shan Liocichla

Liocichla steerii  (Passeriformes Leiotrichidae)  Taiwan Liocichla  **

Sibia morrisoniana  (Passeriformes Leiotrichidae)  Taiwan Barwing  **

Certhia tianquanensis  (Passeriformes Certhiidae)  Sichuan Treecreeper

Sitta przewalskii  (Passeriformes Sittidae)  Przevalski's Nuthatch

Spodiopsar sericeus  (Passeriformes Sturnidae)  Red-billed Starling  (Breeding)

Zoothera griseiceps  (Passeriformes Turdidae)  Sichuan Forest Thrush  (Breeding)

Otocichla mupinensis  (Passeriformes Turdidae)  Chinese Thrush

Turdus mandarinus  (Passeriformes Turdidae)  Chinese Blackbird  (Breeding)

Turdus niveiceps  (Passeriformes Turdidae)  Taiwan Thrush  **

Turdus feae  (Passeriformes Turdidae)  Grey-sided Thrush  (Breeding)

Turdus kessleri  (Passeriformes Turdidae)  White-backed Thrush  (Breeding)

Niltava vivida  (Passeriformes Muscicapidae)  Small Vivid Niltava  **

Cyanoptila cumatilis  (Passeriformes Muscicapidae)  Zappey's Flycatcher  (Breeding)

Cyornis brunneatus  (Passeriformes Muscicapidae)  Brown-chested Jungle-flycatcher  (Breeding)

Cyornis glaucicomans  (Passeriformes Muscicapidae)  Chinese Blue-flycatcher  (Breeding)

Brachypteryx sinensis  (Passeriformes Muscicapidae)  Chinese Shortwing

Brachypteryx goodfellowi  (Passeriformes Muscicapidae)  Taiwan Shortwing  **

Larvivora ruficeps  (Passeriformes Muscicapidae)  Rufous-headed Robin  (Breeding)

Calliope pectardens  (Passeriformes Muscicapidae)  Firethroat  (Breeding)

Calliope obscura  (Passeriformes Muscicapidae)  Blackthroat  (Breeding)

Tarsiger johnstoniae  (Passeriformes Muscicapidae)  Collared Bush-robin  **

Myophonus insularis  (Passeriformes Muscicapidae)  Taiwan Whistling-thrush  **

Ficedula elisae  (Passeriformes Muscicapidae)  Green-backed Flycatcher  (Breeding)

Phoenicurus alaschanicus  (Passeriformes Muscicapidae)  Ala Shan Redstart

Phoenicurus hodgsoni  (Passeriformes Muscicapidae)  Hodgson's Redstart  (Breeding)

Regulus goodfellowi  (Passeriformes Regulidae)  Flamecrest  **

Aethopyga christinae  (Passeriformes Nectariniidae)  Hainan Sunbird

Urocynchramus pylzowi  (Passeriformes Urocynchramidae)  Przevalski's Rosefinch

Montifringilla henrici  (Passeriformes Passeridae)  Tibetan Snowfinch

Carpodacus waltoni  (Passeriformes Fringillidae)  Pink-rumped Rosefinch

Carpodacus formosanus  (Passeriformes Fringillidae)  Taiwan Rosefinch  **

Carpodacus roborowskii  (Passeriformes Fringillidae)  Tibetan Rosefinch

Carpodacus sillemi  (Passeriformes Fringillidae)  Sillem's Rosefinch

Carpodacus trifasciatus  (Passeriformes Fringillidae)  Three-banded Rosefinch

Carpodacus dubius  (Passeriformes Fringillidae)  Chinese White-browed Rosefinch

Emberiza koslowi  (Passeriformes Emberizidae)  Tibetan Bunting

Emberiza siemsseni  (Passeriformes Emberizidae)  Slaty Bunting