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Our Itineraries

All of our recommended itineraries are carefully designed, from 2-3 days trip for waders in the east coastal area of China to highly intensive one-month trip in Yunnan. We have first-hand and up-to-date birding and wildlife information in China or oversea. For the same route or area, the itinerary may be modified according to the time of year.


The type of transport is specified in the General Information notes of each trip. In the case of driving, the drivers we hire during will be local and trustworthy, who not only ensure the driving safety but also understand the specific needs of our clients. This allows birding or wildlife exploration in high efficiency especially when your time is limited.


The accommodations for each trip are carefully selected nearby birding sites and our destinations. Please note that in some remote areas, the conditions of the best available accommodation may be below ordinary standards, in which case, it will be specified in the each tour.

Dietary Requirements

We pass on all dietary requests to the hotels and airlines, but please make sure that we know about these (in as much detail as possible) at the time of booking, to allow us good time to make the arrangements. 

For any special dietary requests, please let us know at the time of booking (as detailed as possible), so that we can pass your requests to the hotels and airlines in advance to make arrangements.

Pace of our tours

The pace of the trip is specified in details in the General Information, or is available on request. Walking is involved in all trips, sometimes for up to half day in a day, and the intensity may vary. Walking uphill or over difficult terrain may be required. Hiking is usually continuous, while we rest as needed. Birding and wildlife exploration requires at least modest amount of physical activities, and sometimes at odd times such as at midnight or at dawn. We hope our guests understand fully the physical demand. Typically, a day starts early with either an optional pre-breakfast walk or an early breakfast prior to us leaving for more distant points. Birding and wildlife exploration is continuous, and we rest as necessary. We hope our guests understand fully the physical demand of a trip before making a decision. 

Tailor-made Extensions and City Breaks

If you have extra days to spare, why not let us customize an extension to your tour? We are able to get exclusive offers at some excellent hotels or lodges, and our network of local partners will also come up with some fine suggestions for your extra days. 

Conservation programs of Our Company

We are spectacularly passionate about doing our utmost to help conserve birds, and of course the natural environment as a whole. It is a principal of ours to donate a minimum of 10 % of our net annual profit directly to the conservation, and over the last couple of years the donation we made have even significantly exceeded such amount. We are involved in several conservation programs including Spoon-billed Sandpiper conservation in the coastal of China, China Coastal Waterbird Census, Courtois's Laughingthrush conservation at Wuyuan, and so on. We also directly help support bird conservation organizations such as BirdLife, Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, and some local birdwatching societies in various parts of China.

Travel Insurance

China Wild Tour considers the safety of each guest to be the most important issue during a trip. We believe travel insurance is a must whenever you travel abroad. We strongly advise you to buy travel insurance with sufficient coverage in your own country prior to the start of your journey.

Optical equipment

China Wild Tour is pleased to recommend Yibo Culture CO., LTD. as our supplier of binoculars, and telescopes. Yibo Culture CO., LTD. has several shops across the country, and they also arrange a series of outdoor events. Their contact details are as blow:


Yibo Culture CO., LTD.
Address: Room605, Antian Building, No.145 Lanxi Road, Putuo District, Shanghai, China
POSTCODE : 200466
TEL :  86-21-35318626      FAX :  86-21-35316826
E-mail :
Website :

Terms and conditions

Please also take time to read the following information and the Terms and conditions before making your booking.