Pheasants of S&E China


Guangzhou – Nanling Forest Park - Dongzhai NNR – Emeifeng NR – Fuzhou


BEST TIME:October– June



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Day 1 Guangzhou – Nanling Forest Park

Arrive Guangzhou, then go to Nanling Forest Park by one hour high-speed train and one hour drive.

Overnight in Nanling Forest Park.

Day 2-3 Nanling Forest Park

We’ll spend two days in Nanling Forest Park to shoot Cabot's Tragopan.
Overnight in the guest house of Nanling Forest Park.


Day 4 Nanling Forest Park - Dongzhai NNR

Morning try Cabot's Tragopan or other forest bird. After lunch we will head to Dongzhai NNR by  four hour high-speed train and one hour drive.

Overnight in Dongzhai NNR.

Day 5-7  Dongzhai NNR

Early morning and late afternoon to search Reeves's Pheasant in Dongzhai NNR, other time we will find other forest and open field birds in the NR.

Overnight in Dongzhai NNR.

Day 8  Dongzhai NNR - Emeifeng NR

Early morning search Reeves's Pheasant again, then leave to Emeifeng NR by high-speed train. 

Overnight in Emeifeng NR.

Day 9-12  Emeifeng NR

Early morning and late afternoon to search Cabot's Tragopan, White-necklaced Partridge, Chinese Bamboo Partridge, Silver Pheasant, Elliot's Pheasant and Koklass Pheasant. Other time we will find other forest and open field birds in the NR.

Overnight in Emeifeng NR.

 Day 13 Emeifeng NR - Fuzhou

Early morning try pheasant again, then leave to Fuzhou by high-speed train.  Afternoon birding in Fuzhou forest Park.

 Day 14 Fuzhou

Morning birding in Fuzhou Forest Park, after drive to airport and departure.

Tour End.