Spring of North China春季华北


Beijing – Manchuria – Hengshui Lake – Mysterious Temple – Mt. Wuling – Beijing




April – July



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Day 1 Beijing北京

Arrive Beijing, then drive to Beijing Botanical Garden to search Chinese Nuthatch, White-browed Chinese Warbler, Siberian Accentor, Marsh Tit, thrushes etc. Overnight in Yanqin.

Day 2 Beijing北京- Manchuria 满洲里

Early morning drive to Baihe Valley to search Ibisbill and Chukar. Late afternoon back to Beijing to catch overnight train to Manchuria.


Day 3 Manchuria 满洲里

Morning arrive Manchuria, then 3 hours drive to Jankowski's Bunting breeding sites. We’ll spend 2 day here to search this most endangered bunting and other birds around!.

Overnight in Manchuria.


Day 4 Manchuria 满洲里 – Beijing 北京
Morning birding in Manchuria, late afternoon catch the overnight back to Beijing.

Day 5 Beijing北京- Hengshui Lake衡水

Morning arrive Beijing, then dirve to Wildduck Lake to search raptors, gulls. Spring and summer passengers. Evening 3 hours train to Hengshui and overnight.


Day 6 Hengshui Lake衡水湖

Full day birding in Hengshui Lake to search Baer's Pochard, Reed Parrotbill and Pheasant-tailed Jacana around Hengshui Lake.


Day 7 Hengshui Lake衡水湖- Jiaocheng交城
After morning birding in Hengshui Lake, then 5 hours drive to Jiaocheng and overnight. 

Day 8 The Mysterious Temple玄中寺

Full day birding in the Mysterious Temple to search Brown Eared-Pheasant, Long-tailed Rosefinch, White-browed Chinese Warbler etc.


Day 9 Mysterious Temple玄中寺-Beijing北京


Morning birding around the Mysterious Temple and nearby area, afternoon 4.5 hours high speed train back to Beijing and overnight.

Day 10 Beijing北京- Mt. Wuling雾灵山

Leave Beijing in the early morning, then 3 hours drive to Mt. Wuling. We’ll spend 2.5 days here to search褐头鸫 Grey-sided Thrush, Green-backed Flycatcher etc. Overnight in Mt. Wuling.


Day 11-12 Mt. Wuling雾灵山

Full day birding in Mt. Wuling and overnight.


Day 13 Mt. Wuling雾灵山 – Beijing北京

After final morning birding in the Mt. Wuling area we will drive back to Beijing airport for overnight.

Day 14 Beijing北京
Departure from Beijing. Tour End